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Company Profile:

ALBDR ALMASY ALALMYT OILFIELD SUPPLY & ENGINEERING LLC Founded in 2014, and it’s a local leader inside the supply of world-class system for the oil field sector which include building materials, Tools, petrochemical companies, refineries, offshore agencies, and marine & shipping business. Committed to superior product exceptional and service standards,

ALBDR ALMASY ALALMYT OILFIELD SUPPLY & ENGINEERING LLCL serves the on-shore and offshore oil & gas sector through an array of merchandise that meet all their annoying requirements. The portfolio also covers engineered products and systems, and contracting services specifically appropriate for the petrochemical and mining industries. The corporation leverages at the world-class now not just by using selling "Products" but we will look for Quality and solutions so that the products and offerings we provide could be an extension of our values above.

One of ALBDR, pursuits to provide great service for all of our customers. We increase our employee skills and provide an exciting paintings environment, which encourages innovation, honesty, equity and an experience of entrepreneurship, while making sure commercial enterprise success.


Quality isn't always an act. It is a habit.

We simply cannot find enough top second-hand motors to meet demand..

The desires of our customers are our priority. Led via a group of educated and skilled technical provider team, and steered by a management with international knowledge on the industry, we are dedicated to adding fee to our client’s commercial enterprise – via exceptional merchandise, efficient after income provider and endured support.


ALBDR ALMASY ALALMYT OILFIELD SUPPLY & ENGINEERING LLC is dedicated to be a frontrunner in all selected fields of business via continuous support era for our clients, by way of providing robust returns on funding through world-class products and superior service standards.